Nelson owns and operates a fully licensed waste transfer station and recycling centre at Homestead Farm, Andover.

This facility is dedicated to sorting, re-use and in some cases, disposal to landfill of clients’ waste. We actively process and recycle approximately 97.8% back into industry, by sorting waste such as concrete, hardcore, inert soils, cardboard, plastics, wood and timber, greatly reducing disposal costs. We offer same day or next day response times and in some cases also carry out waste removal contracts for small, medium sized and blue chip organisations on a regular scheduled basis.

Landfill Materials

Wherever possible Nelson will screen and recycle soil and materials from any excavation, demolition or remediation projects. Inevitably in some cases there will be situations where our only solution for certain materials is landfill.

Managing & Controlling Landfill Waste

At our owned landfill facilities we can manage and control such wastes from source to final disposal ensuring that final disposal is carried out in the most environmentally responsible manner. All Nelson sites are managed by fully certified operators who are directly employed by the company, all licences and exemptions are issued directly to the company by the Environment Agency.

Landfill Sites

Nelson is committed to protecting the countryside from the industrial impact of tipping materials, even on sites which offer the most opportunity for landfill. Nelson prepares feasibility studies, environmental, highways, noise, dust and ecology surveys to ensure that stringent compliance is met. As part of these surveys aftercare proposals are compiled to advise on the most beneficial re-use of infill sites.

Whether you require initial advice on a potential scheme, budget price or competitive quotation we welcome the opportunity to discuss your waste management and recycling needs.